A three-day workshop

The SPISE 7-Workshop offers the possibility of getting to know the provisions on inspection of plant protection equipment stated by Article 8 of EU Directive 2009/128/EC, which are binding for all Member States, to interpret these correctly and to discuss each one of them. In addition, the Workshop gives the participants the chance to initiate further specifications which the Member States must develop and harmonise by themselves (subsidiarity) and to put them into operation.

Participation of experts on inspection of sprayers in use from all the Member States, representatives from official bodies, either national or European, customers or farmers, allow the attendants to have a complete overview about the situation and perspectives of the mandatory procedure for inspection of sprayers in use in Europe.

7th edition of SPISE workshop will be an interesting opportunity to evaluate the present situation on every Member State and to understand the difficulties encountered and the necessary actions needed to solve them. In addition, this time will allow participants to evaluate and discuss the major figures after the mandatory inspection process in all the EU members, evaluating and discussing the major differences.

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Lectures, practical activities and visits will be organised and distributed during the two and a half days. Aspects as inspector’s training, the necessity of new standards, SPISE advice on how to inspect sprayers not included in ISO 16122 series sprayers, quality control of inspection workshops and other relevant aspects will be discussed.

The hosting venue, Agricultural University of Athens, is close to a very productive and intensive agricultural area occupied mainly from orchards, allowing to consider aspects focussed on inspection of different sprayers and specifically of those used in Olives and Citrus and minor PAE, during the technical tour.

The participants are called upon to contribute their experience and ideas through lectures and posters so that we can all learn from one another, thus contributing to a harmonised high-quality technical inspection of sprayers in Europe. Proceedings of the Workshop will be printed.

The 7th edition of SPISE workshop will be organised by the Institute for Bio-Economy & Agro-Technology of the Center of Research and Technology Hellas (www.ibo.certh.gr), Agricultural University of Athens (www.aua.gr) and the Greek Crop protection Association (www.esyf.gr), in a close collaboration with the reference laboratory for PAE inspection in Greece of ELGO-DEMETER.

A three-day workshop at the

Conference Amphitheatre

Agricultural University of Athens

Iera odos 75, 11855

Athens, GREECE